Friday, November 13, 2009

There's a register free

I got fooled by the supermarket.  It's embarrassing.  I didn't even put up a fight.

My brand new supermarket.  A big fancy delicatessen.  It's like being in Europe.  Fresh food.  Everything has premium on it.  I can't find non-premium food.  It's pretty lucky.  So shiny.  Some food is still in the boxes it grew in, that's how fresh they are.  

I'm wandering the aisles because I always forget something.  Usually they are pretty good about putting stuff that goes together in the same place.  The cracker to dip distance was a bit long though.  Finally, done with the shopping.  Basket bulging like a spinal disc.    

They have installed fancy new self register check outs.  They look interesting and I tell myself I'll try them next time, when I have less stuff to buy.  I wait with my basket, and then this vision of supermarket beauty comes up to me and charmingly says, 'There's a register free over here'.  Wow, a register?  Maybe I didn't see it.  I squint off into the distance.... hmm, maybe it's over there.

It wasn't.

She abandons me at the end of the supermarket.  Then some guy is trying to show me how the self register works here.  After my 2 second training course, I'm on my way.  Finding barcodes, scanning items.  He reminds me, 'Remember to put it in the bag'.  Thanks.  

Trying to find barcode on vegetable.  Fail.  Trying to open plastic bag. Fail.  I'm really not cut out to do this.  Lucky there's a lucrative career in blogging available.  I finally get to the end of it.  I'm so happy.  Then the self register says 'Do you have fly buys?'.  What!  So this register doesn't do any thing that the humans do, the bagging, the looking up items, the scanning... any thing useful... it just does the one awkward thing?  That weird moment, where they know and you know that you never had, and are never going to have fly buys, but they still ask you anyway?  And there's that awkward reply where you say 'No'.

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