Friday, March 19, 2010

The Oldest Person in the World

There is a new oldest person ever.  It's a woman (of course).  I can't believe she's Georgian.  I would have thought that she'd be Japanese, or Mediterranean, not from a former Soviet Republic, that is in the middle of Asia/Europe and right near Kazakhstan.

I'm a big fan of old people.  I can't wait until I'm old.  The beauty of being old is that people have to listen to what you say, even if it's the most inappropriate thing ever.  Old people can do whatever they want, really, because they've lived through it all.  Of course, the bad thing is becoming senile, and not really knowing what's going on.  

I think I'd be senile too.  I can imagine when Mrs Oldestwomanintheworldvilli was a kid, and hearing about the latest craze, the next new thing that was going to change the world.  Smoking whale blubber, the crazy fur hat, tattoos of countries on your head.  She's seen it all.  It's hard to get excited about an iPod when you're 129.  It's even harder to get excited about an iPod app.

She's earned the respect.  I just think it's a little too long, I wouldn't really want to live past 80.  

There is one thing I wonder.  What happens when she laughs inappropriately?  When she pulls a prank on an unsuspecting person?  What happens when she does something really stupid?  Do people tell her to 'act her age'? 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Life is defined by definition

Ever since I've gotten HD television, I've been exposed to a new clarity. It's more real than real life.
When I'm watching sport, I can see the blades of grass. I can see the people's faces. There is no way in reality I could ever get that clarity. Hyper-real.
I've started dreaming in HD too. It's vivid. Powerful. It's like being too close to a TV screen.
It's starting to transfer into real life. After a big night out, I wake up, and everything is in standard definition. Sometimes it's even in that television that was twenty years ago, the fuzzy screens when you'd watch SBS late at night.
Sometimes, I reach the zone. Mind at peace. And the world is in crystal clear HD. It never existed before. So I thank Mr HD.
It's hard to think that it could get any better. It will though. 3D. I am really looking forward to being able to dream in 3D. The problem I see with 3D tv, is that TV is really a social experience sometimes. I remember being in the cinemas and trying to have a chat while Avatar was on. I couldn't really, because my depth perception was all messed up. People are hard to understand when they are wearing 3D glasses as well. They seem like they are from the future, or from an alien world. I really can't imagine in the future that I'm going to be sitting around in my lounge room, 3d glasses on, chilling with my mates and watching football.


When I first started catching the train again, I used to look downwards on the people reading the Mx.  Reading something for free?  Surely they could do better. Why not get a book?  Or have a fantastic iPod collection.

Of course, after a while of reading it, I started thinking it was the best paper ever.  Light on the doom and gloom, funny at times, and just the right length to read.  I especially loved the 'Overheard' and 'Looking at You' sections.  I think the Overheard stuff had to be made up, some of the quotes were just so stupid.  

I don't really get how the 'Looking at You' section worked either. "To the blonde girl on the 5:33am train from Emu Plains, I was the guy who half smiled at you. Coffee sometime?"  I think it's just that delightful blend of romanticisim and stalkerness that really appeals.

The last time I caught a train, someone actually talked to me.  I wasn't reading Mx at the time, but it was a start.  The guy seemed happy to make small talk, not intrusive, just generally pleasant chat.  It was about a few minutes into it when I realised that he wasn't quite all there.  But that shouldn't matter, should it?  

Are the only people that have conversations with strangers stalkers, or those who aren't quite 'normal'?  

Lately, I've had this dream of one day, the whole carriage spontaneously erupts to discuss what's happening in Mx.  It's pretty unrealistic, I know.  The weird thing is, I can see 60% of people reading it, reading the exact same stories, all silently.  Maybe I'm being weird?

Monday, March 8, 2010

A few thoughts

Music always sounds better at 4 am.  I used to think it was because of being drunk or something, but generally I think it's one of the best times to listen to music.

People who believe in fate don't believe in the kind of fate where some mysterious force guides them to a higher power.  They believe in the kind of fate that means that the little actions that they do turn out to be really important.  Being 'meant to be' or 'fated' is a way of giving themselves comfort that their actions were the right ones.

Why do single women find me repulsive but those with boyfriends find me hysterical?

Do people ever have gay marriages that are just a front and sleep with women on the side?

Just because people walk slow, doesn't mean that they are slow mentally.  They may just have a torn ligament.