Monday, March 15, 2010

Life is defined by definition

Ever since I've gotten HD television, I've been exposed to a new clarity. It's more real than real life.
When I'm watching sport, I can see the blades of grass. I can see the people's faces. There is no way in reality I could ever get that clarity. Hyper-real.
I've started dreaming in HD too. It's vivid. Powerful. It's like being too close to a TV screen.
It's starting to transfer into real life. After a big night out, I wake up, and everything is in standard definition. Sometimes it's even in that television that was twenty years ago, the fuzzy screens when you'd watch SBS late at night.
Sometimes, I reach the zone. Mind at peace. And the world is in crystal clear HD. It never existed before. So I thank Mr HD.
It's hard to think that it could get any better. It will though. 3D. I am really looking forward to being able to dream in 3D. The problem I see with 3D tv, is that TV is really a social experience sometimes. I remember being in the cinemas and trying to have a chat while Avatar was on. I couldn't really, because my depth perception was all messed up. People are hard to understand when they are wearing 3D glasses as well. They seem like they are from the future, or from an alien world. I really can't imagine in the future that I'm going to be sitting around in my lounge room, 3d glasses on, chilling with my mates and watching football.

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