Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sponsored time

Diseases can do it. So can facial hair, in partnership with a disease. How do we decide who sponsors the time? We can have World Cocktail week, Movember. The length of time doesn't seem to relate to the importance. I always felt like a woman with great cleavage during Movember... people would just talk to my mo. I'm up here!

The Earth only got one hour. Then again, what has the Earth done for me lately?

I was at a party recently, and I didn't realise that it was Earth Hour. The party was split right down the middle. The people outside wanted the air conditioning off, because they wanted to have the doors open, to move in and out. The people inside wanted the air conditioning on because it was really hot.
The people outside asked if we could have the TV off, or at least the lights off and switch to candles. The Swans are always on during Earth Hour, but who knows how long AFL goes for?

Some people may think this doesn't make sense. Why should people outside complain and ask those inside to turn the air conditioning off? It doesn't really have any effect on them does it? Why, it's just like the US and other developed countries telling China, India, and the developing nations to not burn fossil fuels and so on. Or maybe it's just that the Hour itself doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. The future is not going to be one where we have to conserve energy like we conserve water, only switching our lights on every other day. We might be better off just getting better light bulbs and keeping them on all the time.

I guess it doesn't really matter. What's one hour out of your whole year? We could go our whole lives thinking like that.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Watching the latest video clip by Lady Gaga, I was contemplating why she went to prison. Apparently it was because she'd been very bad.

Then I read that Lady Gaga can give herself orgasms, just through the power of her mind. That can't be bad?

It really could be. What if the secret got out, through her music and videos, or even through her clothes and pop icon status? What if we lived in a world where everyone could do that?

It's a power that not everyone should have. A pop star like the Gaga has evolved this ability out of necessity. She has repeatedly mentioned in interviews how she just doesn't have the time for relationships and dating. Not to mention, she is often travelling long distances, or trapped in public areas for long times so she just doesn't have the access to the necessary equipment/men. And by doing it all mentally, even though it does seem a bit lazy, and a bit selfish, it probably is the cleanest way to go about it.

If everybody could have this power, would anyone really bother with relationships? Wouldn't self loving just lead to more egotistical idiots going around?

This may well be the case. An alternative would be that with everyone having access to a gagasm (be it through mental means, or just an alleged anatomical perk), it really just removes the need for sex. That way, you wouldn't have to wonder about 'meaningless sex', because each relationship would just be out of choice, about truly wanting to be with someone.

I'm a romantic.