Saturday, May 14, 2011

The book was better than the movie

Sometimes it's really hard to know what movie to see. You can see a trailer. They all look similar. Sometimes you watch a movie and you think... this is nothing like the trailer. Also, most of the time you watch a trailer, the movie it's trailing is only coming out in a few months' time.

It's much better when someone recommends a movie to you. It shows friendship and trust, understanding of who you are. Except when that movie is something terrible. Then you start to think, who the hell does this person think I am? Do they actually think I would like this rubbish? Perhaps you could lose a friendship or two over this.

Movies only take an hour or two to watch. Recommending a book to someone is much much bigger. Books take hours and days to read. And you have to get through that awkward bit at the beginning of the book before it comes good. It's a really big deal to recommend a book to someone and it definitely risks the friendship.

Possibly the biggest part of why recommending a book is such a big deal is because reading is hard. Literacy is hard. Actually converting printed letters to meaning is hard. How do people even read? It's always so hard to get in the right position to read. Sometimes you read on your side, and then it takes physical effort to turn the pages, and to tilt your head to read the other page. Basically you are moving your position with each page you read. I guess you could also read holding the book up in your hands with your head resting on a pillow, but then you actually have to physically hold the book with your hands. Weary.

Reading is hard. Thank you for making the effort

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