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Kruger National Park - South Africa

A journal of events - OPINIONS NOT FACT

Aneka is really really really mean with (bad) hair & annoying.

Skukuza - 29th Jan - 1st Feb 2007

Morning drive 3:45 am

Driver: Godfrey

We arrived at 4am just when the tour was about to leave. 

Sunset drive 4:45 pm 

Driver: Hubert (Huey)

Dawn Walk 3:45 am 

Rangers: Iowert & Godfrey

Iowert is Dad's favourite ranger.  He's a little bit obsessed.

We see lions but they are scared of us.  They are only in the distance.  The rangers count 5, but I only see one, running away from a distance of 50 metres.  

Coming back to camp, someone tells us they saw wild dogs.  We go to find them, and see a pack of 9 coming back from a kill, bloody and messing up the road.

Aneka asks me if I am 4.  Arggh.  I am so mad.  I throw the book.  Mum, as usual, makes a fuss, asking what happened.  I want to go home, jk.

Letaba 1-4 (early) Feb 07

Morning drive 

Driver - Gordon

The most boring drive we had.  The countryside is much less rich than Skukuza.  Gordon has been at Letaba for a month.  We have a theory that because he is new, he is getting the lower end of the equipment.  As we go on our drive, Gordon instructs us all to be very quiet to not disturb all the animals.  I think that is a good point, except that we are in a vehicle that at 20 km/h makes more noise than a herd of elephants crossing.

Speaking of 20 km/h, that seems to be its cruising speed, and I fear that if it went much faster, this collection of nuts and bolts would collapse in a heap.

Auspiciously, within 10 minutes of leaving Letaba, we saw two lions by the side of the track, not more than 20 metres away.  They are very well camouflaged.  Once again, they are scared of us, and go away (closer towards camp).  You shouldn't worry, lions only have a 40% strike rate, and are more scared of us than we are of them.  When approached (attacked) by a lion, look it directly in the eyes.  For leopards, look away - courtesy Iowert.

Dad and I both fell asleep on this drive.  Gordon has a thick accent, especially words like area, and likes a smoke.

Morning Walk 4:45 am

Rangers: Saskia & Gordon

On this walk, we saw hippos and elephants.  Hippos get frightened easily, so we had to be quiet and keep our distance.  They still got scared, so we didn't see much.  Two hippos were able to turn a pond the size of 10 swimming pools into a brown-white yukky filthiness (their poo).

After Saskia found that the two other members of the walk were German, one a plant biologist (pathologist), the rest of the stops on the walk were for plants.  Typically, one German would take a really close shot of a small flower, while his friend would write the name down.  An odd arrangement because his friend is a graphic designer who knows nothing of plants.  Oh well, they are German.  We also saw the shepherd tree.  The roots are used to make porridge.  Not missing anything, Dad beat Aneka to proudly say that Aneka likes porridge.

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