Friday, January 15, 2010


And so it's time to bid farewell to Purple Sneakers.

Purple Sneakers was a magical night at the Abercrombie.  The floors were sometimes sticky.  The music was fantastic, pop indie beats.  It was always packed full of people who were cool, not the arrogant idiots that you often find in clubs.  There was only one time that it wasn't packed... that was the week the HSC was on.

If the world was always like Purple Sneakers it would be an amazing place.  Now I wonder, where can I go to give young, impressionable girls valuable advice for their careers and university entry?  Where can I go to see girls wearing nerd glasses, guys wearing skinny jeans and flannel... where can you go and have a completely random chat?  The ending of Purple Sneakers will leave a big hole in Sydney, and it makes me sad, but we did have a good run.  

Goodbye Purple Sneakers, I will always love you.  You gave the gift of fun, youth, trashiness, excitement and life was always fun and easy with you in it.  Rest in peace.

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