Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So long 2010

A selection of the things I enjoyed in 2010 were being mesmerised by Massive Attack on the steps of the Opera House, having beers in the sun and watching the Sydney Swans, my family looking after me while recovering from a knee reconstruction, partying it up in Singapore, having Johnny Walker Blue at the casino to celebrate Fitzy's graduation, winning the horn in craps, mascara cross-dressing cigars football soulja boy dancing American gossip and allegedly getting herbally jerballies at the Halloween party, catching the pointless monorail to work, Chelsea winning the double, Elmander's goal against Wolves, watching Fitzy win the game with a last second goal, a random trip to Goulburn involving drinking and shenanigans, chaton for Fox 8 ANTM, brunch with Gam, Bea, Artee, Susie or Fairina, and road tripping to Newcastle where I met a local who declared his undying love for me.

Above all, the highlight was taking part in the mobility parking scheme. My friend Fitzy tipped me off to it after he broke his leg falling down a slight hill. After I did my ACL, as soon as I could get on crutches I got to the RTA to pick up the form and then got it signed by my surgeon. It's an amazing feeling knowing that you can park anywhere without having to worry about paying for it. A 1P zone becomes unlimited. I used to just want to park in great parking spots and just sit there all day. Everything becomes so accessible.. instead of spending ages trying to find and pay for parking, life was a breeze. It turned my hour long commute by train to North Sydney into a 15 minute ride across the bridge to park right in front of the building. I realised it is a great privilege, a great power, and the temptation to abuse it was so strong. I still have the expired permit in my car... been meaning to return it when I get the chance. I used to feel bad sometimes towards the end of the 3 months, when I could walk pretty decently... so I would exacerbate my limp a little as I approached my car. Now, it seems those 3 months are a distant memory, they go by so fast... but at the time, I think I made sure that I used the privilege as much as I could.

To the 6 people that read this (7 if you include me) so long 2010... and on to the next one.

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