Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I feel sorry for you

I'm not sure why but sometimes people express some disappointment when they are waiting to get a new iPhone. I feel sorry for them. For all of us.

Once there's an iPhone around, things get a little strange. Looking around sometimes and it's hard to think that this is what people do when they are by themselves on a bus or train, obsessively looking at a tiny screen and flicking it along with their fingers.

You can be having a conversation with someone and they are not quite there. And then you realise that they are just flicking around on their iPhone, pinching stuff together. Or maybe you ask them something. Instead of having an answer, you might be redirected to an app. Maybe you could even get into a conversation about what apps are cool these days.

The thing to remember is that during the conversation, the iPhone is always there... on their shoulder, in their pocket, somewhere... whispering. Maybe something more interesting is going on?

1 comment:

  1. I'm a bit afraid of getting an iPhone. The thought that my email and my facebook would all be accesible (no, more like unavoidable) means there's no possibility of having that little thrill ("oh, red flag notification on facebook - someone likes me!", "yay, bold heading in gmail!") will be no longer.