Saturday, October 8, 2011

Interview with Dave Careers

Today on the blog we're pleased to present an interview with Dave Careers, author of Career Advice and Things to Expect When You're Managing Expectations.

So Dave, tell us what inspired you to write these books?

Thanks guys for inviting me. I guess the best way to describe it is my friends always just said I should write this book. I think there was a big gap out there. We've all read the books that give the general advice 'Follow your passions' but people out there need to hear more specifics.

So let's get into specifics. What are some simple ways people can get ahead in their careers?

Always take on more work than you have time to do. Then delegate that work to someone else. Take the credit for that work.

Practice looking busy in the mirror.

If you stay back late or work on the weekend, make sure someone knows about it. Send an email, or bring it into conversation when people ask you how your weekend was.

What are some tips for when it all goes wrong?

Always have a back up plan. Not a degree or another career, just remember if you are going into a meeting, have someone call you in an hour to say you have to go. Like a bad date, only worse.

You talk a lot about the power of words in your book. What do you mean?

Well, really it's just about phrasing. If someone below you asks for your help, don't say yes. In fact, if someone wants to talk to you, you need to have a bit of a pained expression. Mention how busy you are (as if you'd love to continue this chat but you know, you're working) and then say you'll get back to them later.

Learn these phrases. 'I've got to get something out' 'Push back' 'Over-deliver'. These will help you when people are asking you to do something.

Any last words?

Being professional.

Thanks Dave, I think that's all we've got time for.

Touch base if you have any queries.

Thanks a lot Dave, for your time.

Hope you're well.

Good luck with the book.

Thanks for sending this through to me, just a couple of things.

Alright Dave.

As discussed, here are a few action points from our meeting.

Look forward to reading the next one

Warmest regards.

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