Monday, October 17, 2011


Sometimes necessity, sometimes it's just not necessity. Let's look at the top 5 inventions that ended up being used for something other than their intention.

5. The Ice Gun

Originally invented as a prop for the movie Top Gun 2 (never released), the ice gun is used in rugby union and other professional plowing parties. It's a fantastic invention, in winter people play rugby, in summer people drink beer. In winter, you ice the injuries of players, in summer, instant coldie.

4. Aspirin

Originally designed to treat headaches, it's now used in open heart surgery. Truly life-saving.

3. Internet

The government developed the network for internet relay chat. They never thought anyone would use it so never worried about security. Now it's used for MySpace, Bebo, ICQ etc. Some people still think it's a government project and call it the 'Internet'.

2. Shoe-goo

Your favourite shoes are your favourite for a reason. At first, they were uncomfortable. Garish even. You went through store after store to try and find some good shoes. Then you brought them back and most of them just didn't cut it. But these ones, these are your favourite. With them, you can go anywhere. And, it feels even more comfortable than going barefoot (bindies don't hurt).

When your shoes break, when the soles come off, there is shoe-goo. Except, it doesn't work. It's now used for repairing cricket bats.

1. Baseball bat

Baseball was invented in the 1800's. Back when people wore baggy pants, handlebar moustaches and the cities were made up of grassy fields, the game started to teach people the new geometry that was being developed (the rhombus).

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