Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Different Kind of Time

Imagine for a moment, that the way we view the world is changed slightly.

At the moment, we remember clearly the recent past, and then as things get further and further into the past, we remember them hazily.  

We tend to remember only the major events of the distant past.  Sometimes it seems like there's some dodgy synapses going on and I'll remember something really random from when I was a kid that wasn't major and really has nothing to do with my current life.  It's tempting to attribute some greater meaning to these really random events, but they are just that, no meaning.

So what would this world be like, where we remember clearly the day just ahead, but they days further are hazy... maybe we can see our weddings, our kids, our major triumphs, (and also some random red herrings thrown in) hazily, the details clouded, off in the future.... and we guess about our past, and speculate on what may have happened?  

Would it be scary, or is it truly a better way to live, always looking forward and the past not really existing?  Would it be much easier in life, not having to be anxious about the future, because we can see it as clearly as our memories currently are?  Or would we lose our identities because we don't remember our past?


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