Friday, August 28, 2009

Quotes and Expressions - South Africa

"I don't like bread/white bread/KFC/bananas/Chinese/pineapple/grapes with seeds/purple grapes/mushy apples/small grapes/chees/trees/birds/people touching my clothes/Wimpys/egg/baked beans/pumpkin/sweet potato/peas/brussel sprouts/lizards/snakes/spiders/bugs "- Aneka

"I don't like that, wait, do I like it?" - Aneka

"Let me see" - Aneka, after a photo

"No one understands me" - Aneka

"Ashwiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!" - Aneka

"I'm grumpy!" - Aneka

"I'm full. (Two minutes later). I'm hungry" - Aneka

Aneka is telling me now she doesn't say all this stuff. She hates this book now.

Mum: "I think Ajit used to work at Emirates. Was it Emirates?"
Dad: "Dubai"
Mum: "No, was it..."
Dad: "Sorry, ah yes, Abu Dhabi"
Mum (peeved tone): "No, Dad, did Ajit work at Emirates?"
Dad: "Caprisomething"
Aneka: "Caprisonne. I have a bag from there."

"Hakuna mtatata" - Abednego
"What language is that?" - Ashwin
"It's from the Lion King" - Abednego

"Skittish" - Gordon (I think skittish means jittery)

"Aneka, now he's really hurt" - Mum

"Where are you going?" - Mum, when Dad is driving on shoulder

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