Friday, August 14, 2009

Knowing your animals


Mum's favourite animal.  Aneka fell in love too, and wants a baby impala.  

They can be in small groups, or huge herds.  When they see your car, they turn and gaze, and then move away so gracefully and look back with their big, unblinking eyes.

Night safari sightings

One eyed possum

One eyed bird (about 5 of them)

From an English lady in front of Dad


- tree

- impala

- rock

And we just missed out on seeing a butterfly.

Montagu 5th Feb 2007

As navigator from Capetown, I was responsible for making a few wrong turns and missing a few turns. At one stage, we ended up at the casino, but we didn't stay there.

The landscape constantly changes. At times, it is wide open spaces with red soil, sometimes forest, or squatter camps.

Mum, having been to Durban and Kruger National Park, is still having difficulty piecing together South Africa.

Dinner was nice in Montagu. As we left the restaurant, we talked to the manager, who was coloured, about the racial problems of South Africa. Coloureds always seem to be discriminated against, because they are not white enough for the whites or black enough for the blacks. Similarly to Kevin, our Indian tour guide in Durban, he thought the current system was terrible, too much in favour of blacks and causing much of the whites to leave. This drains the wealth and expertise. 

After seeing the quaint tranquility of Montagu, it is hard to piece together South Africa.

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